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Resolve – PDM Support phases delivered over 12 months

We have 9 ‘phases’ that we work into an annual program for you. We will prioritise the phases depending on what your individual needs are.


Planning and Preparation phase

This is a compulsory phase to enable us to work together to create the road map for your dental business. This must be completed before the first PDM visit.
We cover:

  • Business plan created for 12 months
  • SWOT analysis done on practice
  • Competitor analysis completed
  • Financial forecast for next 12 months to determine daily/weekly/monthly targets
  • Expense forecast and profit forecast
  • Marketing plan created with budgets
  • SMM templates and KPI’s set

All the other phases listed below can be delivered in order of practice preference/ needs. This will be determined at the Discovery Day meeting.


Organisation phase

This phase builds the foundations of the practice, whether the practice is new or existing. It enables the practice to become more structured and organised by having systems, protocols and policies written down.

Personalised practice manuals:

  • HR
  • WHS
  • I.C.
  • Practice policies
  • Staff handbooks


People / Team development phase

In this phase we work closely with the team and we asses their skills to ensure you have employed the correct people to help you achieve your goals. Having the right people around you will enable you to work more efficiently and effectively thus improving all areas of your dental business.

We cover:

  • Establishing the ideal team
  • Performance reviews
  • Training plans
  • Effective practice meetings
  • Morning communication sessions
  • Practice Growth phase

We look at your business goals and work closely with you to help you achieve them.

We cover:

  • Practice look / facilities / refurbishment
  • Marketing effectively for a ROI
  • Practice promotions
  • Expansion


Patient Growth phase

We look at growing your patient numbers to fill your appointment books and keep them gap free going forward.

We cover:

  • Reactivation of ‘lost’ patients
  • Incomplete treatment review
  • Patient referrals
  • Patient retention – (Dental Care Membership)


Customer Service phase

We focus on the patient experience and ensure your team deliver a concierge service every time to ensure your patients return and refer friends, family and colleagues to you.

We cover:

  • Front office skills
  • The patient journey
  • Effective appointment bookings
  • NP experience


Clinical growth phase

We coach your clinical staff to deliver the best possible care in your dental practice. This will ensure each patient receives the treatment plan they want, and comes back to have their treatment completed.

We cover:

  • Understanding patient needs and wants
  • Performing a full comprehensive clinical consultation
  • Delivering treatment options and treatment plans
  • Getting treatment plans accepted


Practice Accreditation WHS phase

In this phase we focus on all areas of work health and safety. We will work with you after you have signed up to practice accreditation and work with you to successfully submit and become approved.

We cover:

  • WHS
  • I.C.
  • Get your practice through accreditation


Cost reducing phase

This phase is all about reducing expenditure. We work closely with you to implement systems that will save you money, thus increase profits.

We cover:

  • Stock control management
  • Dealing with suppliers
  • Managing expenses down

During this 12 month PDM support service, we will be mentoring your PM at each session, to empower him/her to be able to continue with our systems after we complete our journey with you. We will be monitoring your progress based on the initial road maps we create at phase 1 and reporting with you at quarterly senior management meetings.

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