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About Us

Meet the Resolve Dental Management Solutions Team

Sharon Robertson – Operations Director and Founder of Resolve Dental Management Solutions

Sharon Robertson has been working in the Dental Industry for over 32 years and has spent the last 20 years working on the business of dentistry. Her varied background within Dentistry has enabled her to gain a thorough understanding of the business of Dentistry.

Sharon is passionate about Dental Practice Management and being an effective and efficient manager. Her diverse background has made her a knowledgeable, professional and motivating practice management expert.

In 2010 Sharon launched Resolve Dental Management Solutions in Western Australia helping dentists implement systems to enable them to focus on the clinical side of dentistry.

In 2017 Sharon decided to showcase her skills by building a dental practice herself. QVC Dental has been going from strength to strength and after 2 years has over 5,000 patients and growing at a rate of 140 new patients a month.

Sharon is a knowledgeable, professional and motivating consultant. Her commitment to the Industry shines through and her delivery of lectures is both interesting and entertaining. Sharon takes on a Practical Common Sense Approach to Dental Practice Management and as a result, her techniques work.

Brett Lee Strategic Director

After leaving high school I started my working life with the Royal Australian Navy where I spent the next 25 years at sea working my way up to Petty Officer. My responsibility was to deliver effective defense communication and information technology. I was honorably discharged in 2004 and decided to change direction and took a job in Real Estate where I spent the next 15 years of my life helping people find properties of their dreams. I enjoyed all facets of real estate including marketing, negotiation, selling, investment, developments, refurbishments, property management and contract law.

In 2009 I became a licensee and then soon after I bought my own successful real estate company managing our business production and meeting our financial forecasts. I believe my strengths are identifying and resolving issues in business and identifying deficient procedures and systems and implementing change to enable profitable outcomes as part of my diligent business acumen.

I am now a proud Director of Resolve РDental Management Solutions and responsible for Dental Practice Strategic planning. I feel my knowledge and understanding of dental business provides me with the most understanding to provide support and direction to dental owners to assist with solutions in best practices management to relieve day to day business stress and anxiety.

Dr Faisal Syed Clinical Director

A keen eye towards the Art Of Nature allowed me to master the skills of observation since an early age. Having graduated in 2003, with bachelors in Dental Surgery, my desire to blend beauty with dentistry encouraged me to earn a post-grad in Aesthetic Dentistry from State University of New York in 2005. With time, passion for refining my artistry took me to the alluring horizons of Vienna in Austria, from where I earned my Mastership in Laser Dentistry.

Over the last 15 years I have enjoyed various facets of dentistry, as lecturer teaching recent advances to post graduated dental students, working closely with leading dental equipment manufacturers in developing ergometric equipment designs for dentist, I had the privilege to work with Noritake Ceramics in Japan with empowered my knowledge in dental laboratory technology (a rare opportunity for a dentist), trained laboratory technicians in creating Aesthetic smiles, designed and developed beautiful dental surgeries for friends.

My realisation that an attractive smile extends beyond the border teeth and gums, elevated me to acquire skill in facial aesthetics and has lead me on an amazing journey in further augmenting a wholistic approach to fulfil ultimate patients care.

In the pursuit of designing beautiful smiles, I need to keep at the cutting edge of technology such as use of metal-free implants, no prep veneers and gum pigmentation just to name a few.

I look forward to helping you keep your clinical business in date and competitive

For a practical common sense approach to dental practice management, call Resolve Dental Management Solutions. The success of your business and personal life are worth the investment of a conversation about how we can help!

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