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So here it is 2016…

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Here at Resolve – Dental Management Solutions we arrived safely into 2016, I do hope you all brought in the New Year in peacefully, healthy and happy.

New year is always a good time to reflect on the previous year,  I like many of you are asking myself the following question… “What improvements am I prepared to make to my business, so that 2016 isn’t a re-run of 2015?”

None of us are in business to stay the same, we should all be wanting our business to grow, to excite us, to energises us, to give us the lifestyle we have always wanted, to build a wall of security around our family.

Improvements only happen when you plan them, they rarely happen by chance, so my advice to you today is to set some goals for 2016, write them down and share them with your team.

So if you haven’t already set your goals for 2016 here are some top tips:

  • Set goals that excite you.
  • Set goals that cause you to grow.
  • Set goals that energize you.
  • Set goals that motivate you.
  • Set goals that are worthy of you.

That’s the kind of goal setting, which fuels you with the passion, energy, direction and inspiration you need.

So what goals can you set in your dental practice for 2016, here is a taste of some of the goals I am setting for clients of Resolve, and we are setting achievable goals, so we can all celebrate once the goals are achieved :

  • New Patient numbers
  • New Patient return rate
  • Income generated from New Patients
  • Referrals from current patients
  • Hourly rate production per provider
  • Staff training and development

Without setting these goals now, trust me, you will enter into 2017 the same as you have entered into 2016 and that does not excite me!


written by Sharon Robertson



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